Professional wet cleaning services in Cambridge

The wet cleaning service offered by Great Shelford Dry Cleaning is water-based, non toxic and uses energy-efficient technology. This method of washing uses computer-controlled washers and dryers along with biodegradable detergents that are kind to the environment. We make use of specialized finishing equipment to process clothes and fabrics that are generally dry cleaned.

Wet cleaning also sets a specific humidity level to facilitate the drying of garments. Our special tensioning and pressing equipment maintains garment shape by preventing shrinkage.

Wet cleaning is used on garments labelled as “dry clean only.”

The other benefits of using wet cleaning is the absence of chemical smells from dry cleaning solvents. Producing whiter clothes and effectively removing water-based stains help maintain the original beauty of your fabrics.

Comprehensive cleaning services for all types of clothing

Clothes that can be wet cleaned include:

  • Silks 
  • Cottons 
  • Woollens
  • Designer clothes
  • Beaded and sequinned fabrics 
  • Wedding dresses and fine suits

We offer a collection and delivery service and this is available throughout Cambridgeshire, Newmarket and Great Shelford.